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Test Server 27/02/2015

Are you tired of constantly changing servers, administration incompetence, dead game elements? Are you looking for a good L2 server or maybe just enjoyable place focused on fast game and pvp?

This is the right place!

About us:
The development of the server is supervised by L2Live crew, consists of 2 professional developers, that every day deal with designing and developing IT solutions for bussiness and production.

After almost year of hard work, after millions of code lines written and hundreds of test we are finally ready: L2live was made again especially for you, and is set to provide you unique and exciting gameplay.

What makes us different?
Unlike other servers we focus on professionalism. This server is created to provide fun for players - not for GM crew.
Our priority is to ensure fair gameplay in which money has no right to interfere.
We are not here to earn money. Everyone of us has a source of income. L2Live is not made for profits.
Voluntary donation paid by the players is used only for maintaining the server machine and the costs associated with running the server. In case we gather enough money to maintain the server for particular amount of time, we reserve total blockade of donation until further notice.

Completely new quality of the gameplay:
Skills engine precisely reflecting mechanisms known from official servers provide you unforgetable pvp experience.
Powerful and efficient server machine, especially prepared and configured to work with real-time system which Lineage 2 is (unlike personal computers where they are increasingly being run l2 servers), guarantees smooth and stable game even for thousands of players.
Professional support from l2live crew and developers guarantees fast reaction for eventual problems.

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